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A simple way to see the world in real-time

UCIC lets you see anywhere in the world real-time! It does so by letting you ask for on-demand, real-time photos and videos from any location in the world. UCIC has been used over 2 million times in 180 countries to get content and commentary of events including the Syrian conflict, Rio Olympics, Hurricane Matthew and many more.

How It Works

1. Send Request

Want to check out your next vacation spot?
Select anywhere in the world and request an image.

2. Receive Photo or Video

Users that receive this request can send you
the most current update of what they see around them.

3. Send Thanks!

Send them some thanks and then complete some requests for yourself!
You can also upload your discovers straight to social media.

No need for essays

Request users for a photo or a video.


Global Reach
Personal Interaction
Rapid Responses
Removes Barriers
Reply with a picture or video
Simple Questions

we love what we do

This is how inspiration looks like.

Top Stories

Check back weekly for our favourite stories!


Vincent Domingues traveled for 30 months and we were thrilled when he documented his discoveries through uCiC. From Asia to Europe, we saw it all.


Aziza Muzaffarova from Uzbekistan is a teacher and mother and uses UCIC to inform the world about her country.


Marco Rottino travels around the world, as the general manager for Alitalia Airlines in Italy, and likes to share his discoveries on UCIC.


Saabnim lives in Korea and likes to share his city with the world, from architecture to landscapes, you can see it all on UCIC.


Robert Pall Chiglinsky takes some beautiful landscape photos of Iceland.



Best New App at Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas

Digital Media Award at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Techstars class of 2016, Atlanta

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