frequently asked questions


1. Who can you can ask?
You can ask anyone who is using the app. You don’t need to know the user or be connected to them through any social network.

2. How do you know who is there?
When you create a request through UCIC, the app shows you all the active users around your point of interest. So you know exactly how many users your request would be sent out to.

3. How long does it take to receive the response?
To ensure the response received is still relevant to the requestor, a request is only active for an hour and expires after that. The user can specify even shorter response times.

4. How can I assure the quality of answer?
Every response received by user is rated on the scale of 1 to 5 stars. An image rated 5 stars is of great quality and providing the information requested. Every user builds up an average rating based on the jobs he has done. A requestor can specify the minimum rating of a user who would receive the request.

5. Can other users see the location of a user?
UCIC provides user the option to choose their own visibility settings. A user can choose to be completely anonymous, be visible to only his friends or choose to be fully visible.

6. Can the app potentially be used to spam other users?
UCIC relies on community policing and has a flagging process, where as soon as a user receives something that doesn’t company with terms of use, they can report this. This user would be blocked from using the app as soon as he is reported and we will take further actions as situation demands.